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About RoundTrip


RoundTrip is a transportation demand management (TDM) program of the Greater Madison MPO that promotes sustainable transportation options in Dane County. RoundTrip's mission is to connect individuals, businesses, and organizations in the Madison region with convenient alternatives to driving alone. We do this through online commute matching services, incentives, education, technical assistance, and partnerships.


To fulfill our mission, we work closely with regional partners including the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Dane County, the City of Madison, Metro Transit, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and area employers with commute options programs. We are always eager to build new partnerships with employers and communities in the Madison region.

Prior to 2021, RoundTrip shared the statewide Rideshare Etc. program brand and website. Today, RoundTrip is the branded program and website dedicated to serving those living, working, and going to school in Dane County. Both RoundTrip and Rideshare Etc. continue to share an online commute matching database.


RoundTrip is a resource for commuters and employers, a program provider, and a partner for TDM initiatives in the Madison region. We help individuals make more sustainable transportation choices; we help employers encourage employees to build sustainable commute habits; and we work with organizational partners to broaden our impact. Our goal is to reduce the number of drive-alone vehicle trips in Dane County and support more efficient use of our existing transportation network.


Transportation demand management – or TDM – benefits our region by reducing the number and length of drive-alone vehicle trips. This in turn reduces the demands on our existing roads and parking infrastructure, creates opportunities to invest in more affordable transportation options for all, and limits the impacts of traffic as Dane County grows. TDM also helps us act on regional goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, supports equitable economic development, and contributes to a higher quality of life for all residents by elevating affordable, healthy, environmentally-friendly transportation options.

RoundTrip is made possible by the Greater Madison MPO and State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Additional support is provided by the City of Madison, Metro Transit, Dane County, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Funding for the Emergency Ride Home Program is provided by Dane County.