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Emergency Ride Home

Do you worry about what will happen in an emergency if you carpool, vanpool, bike, or take the bus to work and don't have your vehicle available? The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program is here for you!

ERH makes it easier to choose affordable, healthy, and sustainable commute options by providing a ride home in case of emergency to anyone who works in Dane County and gets to work by taking the bus, carpooling, vanpooling or biking at least three days per week.

Participants are eligible for up to six Union Cab vouchers per year, good for up to $75 per ride. Participants are responsible for driver gratuity and any additional amount if a ride costs more than $75.

How to Participate

To participate, sign up with RoundTrip and request to join the Emergency Ride Home program. A staff member will review your request and notify you of your status within one business day.

Once approved, you will be able to request ERH vouchers on your phone or computer under "My Account" when you are logged into RoundTrip. If you experience a qualifying situation such as personal or family illness, unscheduled overtime, bicycle breakdown, or illness of your carpool/vanpool driver, simply call Union Cab at (608) 242-2000 to request a ride home ( You may print the voucher or show the digital voucher to the cab driver when they arrive.

If you do not have a voucher or are unable to generate one, you may pay for the ride and submit your receipt to for reimbursement (tips and gratuities are not included).

Sign up with RoundTrip     ERH Program Rules

When to Use ERH

The ERH program is a safety net that provides a way home from work in unplanned situations such as personal or family illness, illness of a carpool or vanpool driver, unscheduled overtime, or a bicycle breakdown on the way to or from work.

ERH vouchers cannot be used if you are running late, if your car breaks down, or to get to destinations such as the airport, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Read the ERH program rules.

ERH is a free service for sustainable commuters in Dane County that is funded by the Dane County Highway Department. RoundTrip staff carefully review all ERH use and reserve the right to remove any participant whose ride is inconsistent with the program rules and intent.