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There are many ways that RoundTrip and our partners can help you create a more transportation-options-friendly workplace for employees and visitors.

We work closely with Metro Transit, Madison BCycle, the State Vanpool Program, Wisconsin Department of Transportation, and other local organizations to improve access to sustainable commute resources and options in Dane County.

We encourage you to register your workplace for free with RoundTrip to make it easier for employees to search for matches and connect to better commute options.

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About Commute Solutions Programs

Commute Solutions programs help employers attract and retain top talent by providing desirable transportation benefits that meet a range of employee preferences and needs. These programs are backed by strategies that encourage participation and support sustainable commute options such as transit, bicycling, carpooling and vanpooling in multiple ways.

Commute Solutions programs also help employers work toward big goals such as reducing parking demand and costs, reducing environmental impacts, and encouraging healthy lifestyles. Employers can play a big role in the commuting habits of their employees and in turn have a big impact on reducing the number of employees who drive alone to work.

There is no one-size-fits-all program, so employers must consider the options that best suit their location and employees. RoundTrip can assist your organization whether you are starting a new commuter program or growing your current efforts.

A robust Commute Solutions program may include strategies such as those defined by the Best Workplaces for Commuters Standard of Excellence.

Employer Toolkit (2021)
    Dane County Commute
Solutions Program Guide (2012)

Our Services

Employer Consultations

RoundTrip staff will meet with you to discuss your goals, site characteristics, Commute Solutions program features, and employee engagement strategies. We can work directly with your company's HR team, Green Team, Wellness Coordinator, or anyone else promoting transportation options and commuter benefits at your company.

Contact us to see how we can help with:

  • RoundTrip marketing materials to support your email, print, and social media communications.
  • Employee surveys and site analysis to understand transportation needs, preferences, barriers and opportunities.
  • Commuter benefit recommendations such as parking cash-out, transit pass programs, pre-tax incentives, and flexible work options.
  • Programs and promotion for walking, bicycling, public transit, carpooling and vanpooling.
  • Third-party referrals to transportation service providers, programs, technologies, and other resources to help you meet your goals.
  • Commute tracking and workplace challenges to engage employees in incentive programs based on commuting habits.
  • Event tabling & presentations to share information about the transportation resources available through RoundTrip and our partners.
Connect with Us!

Emergency Ride Home Program

One of the most common reasons that many commuters choose to drive alone to work is concern about what do in unexpected circumstances such as personal or family illness. RoundTrip's free Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program reduces this barrier by providing up to six taxi vouchers per year to anyone who works in Dane County and commutes sustainably by bike, bus, carpool, or vanpool.

As an employer, you can promote the ERH program to your employees as an incentive to start commuting another way!

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Telework and Flex Schedules

Employers who offer telework and flex scheduling options are tapping into an effective strategy to attract and retain top talent, improve employee job satisfaction, reduce parking demand, and help employees reduce the cost and environmental impact of their commute.

If you are new to establishing a telework and flex scheduling program, we can provide guidance on policy creation and support resources, as well as how to talk with employees about the connection between telework, driving reduction, and overall sustainability.

Greater Madison TeleWORKS Toolkit

Partner Programs and Services

Metro Transit Commute Card Program for Employers

Metro Transit's Commute Card program allows employers to provide a valuable transit benefit to employees at a discounted rate. Commute Cards are unlimited ride annual passes that are post-billed at $1.40 per ride and conveniently capped at $65.00 per month. There are no minimum requirements for use or number of participants.

The Commute Card program is a great way to invest in employees, take advantage of the Commuter Choice Tax Benefit program, and support a healthier, more livable community. Over 80 employers now participate in the Metro Commute Card Program.

Contact or visit Metro Transit's Commute Card page to learn more.

Metro Transit 31-Day and 10-Ride Cards

Metro Transit also offers unlimited ride 31-day passes and 10-ride cards that employers can purchase in bulk and distribute to employees. These cards/rides are paid for prior to use. Learn more here.

Madison BCycle Corporate Membership Program & Bulk Passes

Healthier employees are happier employees! With Madison BCycle's Corporate Program, businesses can offer employees access to a discounted annual membership rate by subsidizing 50-100% of the cost. E-bikes are convenient, easy on hills, and an excellent option to encourage commuting or running midday errands by bike.

BCycle also offers discounts on bulk day passes, which are perfect for hotels, apartment complexes, and businesses that host lots of visitors.